The Strypes

4 09 2012

A deal with a major label, a slot at a certain female boxer’s golden homecoming and a rip roaring set at the Electric Picnic 2012; not a typical way to for a quartet of Cavan teenagers to spend a summer off school.

The Strypes have landed and it’s in the fuzz they trust. Filthy riffs, licks and foot stomping tunes is what The Strypes are all about. They have laid the foundations to what will be a roller coaster of a 2013 for them. Further up the bill of most festivals next year is where I’d expect to see these fine young men.
Young Gifted & Blue is their debut EP. A  full album expected to hit sometime over the Autumn


Appetite For Destruction

27 07 2012

Guns ‘n’ Roses debut album Appetite For Destruction turned 25 years old this week. It was released on July 21st 1987. The album carries 3 of  GNR’s most popular and recognisable songs in Welcome to the Jungle, Paradise City and the tune that closes every night club outside of Dublin; Sweet Child O’ Mine. Interestingly enough, tracks such as Novemeber Rain and  You Could Be Mine were penned for inclusion on this album but never make the cut.

The iconic cover art used is a concession to retailers who refused to stock the original sleeve based on a Robert Williams painting. It depicted a robotic rapist about to receive  punishment from a descending metal avenger.

Appetite For Destruction set a standard; the album was critically, well received and made it to the top spot of the Billboard 200 in the United States. Worldwide, 30 million copies of this album have been sold to date.

Sweet Child O’Mine

DJ Shadow

26 07 2012

DJ Shadow will be releasing a number retrospective collections on September 3rd 2012.

‘Reconstructed: The Best Of DJ Shadow’ will be available as a single CD, double CD and double vinyl versions.

For those who want it all ‘Reconstructed: The Complete DJ Shadow’ will be issued as an 8 discs box set featuring all four of his albums plus all manner of extra rarities. That will issue as a limited edition with only 500 copies available worldwide and they’ll all be signed by DJ Shadow himself.

2 new tracks will feature with Terry Reid, who is the subject of one of rock ‘n’ rolls greatest “could have been” stories. Reid missed out on a place with Led Zeppelin because his band were out on tour with Cream at the time.

Free Download DJ Shadow

The Riptide Movement

25 07 2012

The Riptide Movement are an independent band in the complete sense of the word – they are self-managed, self-produced, self-distributed, self-published and are their own booking agent. Their story gives an all-encompassing glimpse into the world of an up and coming band getting stuck into the music business and doing it all themselves, a group of hard working musicians and the life of a DIY record label striving in the depths of a recession.

It’s a great story. They are an uplifting example of how through hard work, determination, faith and resilience you can overcome any obstacle put in your way. At a time when record labels are going bust and the banks aren’t lending to anybody, the Riptide Movement are sourcing new revenue streams and investment opportunities. While record stores are closing and artists are lamenting the death of CD sales, they’re selling thousands.

The Riptide Movement are an inspirational story that would rouse anybody to get up and do what they want to do.

The Cujo Family

23 07 2012

The Cujo Family hale from Bray and Dublin. They have been regulars in the Dublin Music scene now for the past two years and have gathered up a dedicated following. Their gigs are high energy, stomping sessions with interludes of reflective balladry. They are both rawkus and wistful with a keen sense for the air of a tune.

To quote the lads; “You’re quite good looking for a Ban Gardai, so why don’t you come rollin’ with me.”

The Cold 100

21 07 2012

The Cold 100 are a 4 piece psychedelic electric blues band based in Dublin. Taking the bulk of their influences from the old bluesmen of Chicago & the Mississippi delta, along with rockers from the 60’s & 70’s, such as the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, The Cold 100 channel much of the same spirit, passion and power in their music and performances that these great artists explemfied in their songs.

Psychedelic electric blues is the up-start son of Chicago electric blues, and rock ‘n roll of the 60’s & 70’s. There’s fuzz tone, electric guitar & volume; there’s harmonica, heavy drums & grooving bass. Pure rock n’ roll flows from the core of The Cold 100 with an undercurrent of the blues.

The Animators

21 07 2012

The Animators are an Irish Hip-Hop crew bringing a positive, new flavour to the Irish music scene, blending all hip-hop styles with soulful vocals over uplifting and live organic sounds. Currently working on the highly anticipated debut album; Drawn Together.

I caught up the lads this weekend, a man down and a last minute change to the whole routine they did nothing but impress. Catch them if you can, they’re deadly!…and bring cans!

Heres a taste of what they are all about; Marvellous (there’s soul in there so what’s not to like)

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